Kids Mountain Bike Camps

Spring & Summer camps in Whistler

Whistler Singletrack’s Kids Mountain Bike Camps are a great platform to develop trail skills and passion for the sport. Our certified coaches have a strong background teaching kids on bikes and know what’s fun, what’s safe and what works for learning. 

Whether you can’t keep up with your kids or want them to keep up with you, Whistler Singletrack’s mountain bike camps are the ideal venue to learn and improve with other riders that have similar goals. We offer a variety of mountain bike camps in Whistler. 

  • Spring MTB Camps: After school once a week in may and june.
  • Summer MTB Camps: Mon-Wed every week in July and August.
  • Weekend Ride Club:  Weekends in spring and summer. 

Our mountain bike camps are suited for kids 5+ years old of all levels, groups will split by age and skill for an optimized experience.  To sign up for Whistler Singletrack’s mountain bike camps kids must: get on and off the bike safely, pedal and coast without training wheels, come to a full stop, control speed and direction. Please send us an email at if you’d like more information about our kids mountain bike camps.

Kids MTB Camps

Whistler Singletrack’s coaching principles:

Build your own mtb camp

At Whistler Singletrack we also offer custom mountain bike camps to match your needs and preferences. Choose the dates, times, goals and who is coming, we do the rest. Fixed rate of $60/hr +tax when booking 8+ hours. Bring up to 5 riders, the price is still the same. Please Contact us to book custom private mountain bike camps in Whistler.  

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