Private Mountain Bike Lessons & Tours

Improve your riding and explore Whistler in a private setting

Do you need a guide to explore Whistler or a coach to help you improve mountain bike skills? Whistler Singletrack designs custom private mountain bike lessons and tours based on abilities, preferences and goals. With over 250km of trails there is a lot to ride in Whistler and our guides/coaches will take you straight to the trails you will enjoy the most.  


No bike? No worries. Our friends at Whistler Sports can help, book in advance to ensure bikes are available the day of the ride.

Private rides rate (55$/hour) is based on 1person. ‘Add Extra’ if more than 1rider. Every extra rider adds 5$/hour. 

If day/time searched is not available in the schedule contact us at or call +1 (604) 967-3309. 

Groups of 9+ members please contact us directly. Please check the Terms of Service and Cancellation policy.

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