Level Descriptions

Is really important to sign up for a course or program that suits your ability and fitness level. If riders sign up for a course or program and doesn’t meet the standards they might not be able to join the ride and we will have reschedule upon availability.


Can ride comfortably on flat paved terrain, controls speed and direction. Gets on and off the bike safely.

Goals: Learn basic skills that will allow exploring off road and green trails in control.

Kids: 16″- 24″ wheeled bike with hand brakes, no training wheels.


Comfortable in green trails, controls of the speed and direction. Can stand up, ride with level pedals and go up and down gentle slopes.

Goals: Develop position and braking skills. Ride green trails in control. Start riding easy blue trails.

Kids: 20″- 26″ wheeled bike with hand brakes and gears.


Can ride blue terrain with control and ride some technical features in blue trails which involve good balance and consistent braking.

Goals: Change lines on command, consolidate position and braking skills for steeps and corners. Strong intermediate riders might ride easy black terrain in the right conditions. 

Kids: 24″-27.5″ wheeled bike with hand brakes and thumb activating gears.


Ride blue terrain with speed in control. Mastered technical features in blue terrain and can ride black trails. Deals with consistent technical uphill and downhill.

Goals: Refinement of skills. Progress to more challenging features, improve flow, master cornering, develop air and other maneuvers.

Kids: 26″-27.5” wheeled bike with hand brakes and thumb activating gears.

If you are unsure whether a course or a program is right for you or your kids give us a call at +1 (604) 967-3309 or email at info@whistlersingletrack.com. Please read the Terms of Service

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