Mountain Bike Lessons and Tours in Whistler

Whistler Singletrack. Lessons and Tours made for you.

Whistler Singletrack is all about helping riders enjoy Mountain Biking to the fullest. Whether you need a lesson to boost your riding or a mountain bike tour to explore Whistler, we got you covered. Our bike programs include Kids camps, Women’s clinics, Skill specific courses, Private lessons and mountain bike Tours in Whistler.

Local, certified guides. Professional Mountain Bike Instructors, First Aid providers and experts in Whistler’s mountain bike network. Join us at the trails you will enjoy the most.

Custom mountain bike lessons and tours.  We design our ride plans in line with your goals and expectations through quality service and personalized experiences.

Good times on bikes. Your well-being and happiness are our priorities. Our coaches and provide an ideal environment to develop skills and enjoy Whistler’s mountain bike trails.

Mountain Bike Programs

Whistler Singletrack’s mountain bike lessons and tours are fully customizable and tailored to your ability, needs and preferences. 

  • Handy meeting locations. Group lessons start at convenient locations. Private lessons and tours have the option to choose the meeting spots that work best for you.
  • Need to rent bikes? Our friends at Whistler Sports rentals can help, they have all types of bikes for all ages. Not sure what bike is best for you? Please contact us.
  • Get riding footage. Get videos and photos for skill development and souvenir. 

If you are looking at a mountain bike tour in Whistler for more than 10 riders contact us before booking. Please email if you need assistance booking lessons and tours.


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