Mountain Bike Courses Whistler

Skill specific courses; a path to become a well-rounded rider

Whistler Singletrack’s mountain bike courses are designed to develop multiple aspects of riding through a progression that makes learning safe, efficient and enjoyable. Our coaches provide a relaxed setup that allows riders to boost skills with confidence. Whether you are new to mountain biking or an experienced rider we can help you reach your goals. 

Please read the Level Descriptions to ensure you are signing up for the right program or contact us if you have any questions.

Safety always first

Mountain biking is an inherently risky sport. Our experienced coaches make every decision based on safety.

Careful progression

At Whistler Singletrack we believe in step by step progression to develop a strong foundation and solid skills.

Educating trail users

Mountain biking is about enjoying nature with a minimal impact. We take every chance to teach and reinforce trail values. 

Fun times on bikes

Your well-being and happiness are our priorities. We set an ideal environment to develop skills and enjoy mountain biking.

Mountain Bike Courses

Bring a group of three or more  riders and get 15% off. If you need more information about our programs our would like to see a clinic on different dates please email

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