summer mountain bike camps

3days of riding, fun and learning

From Monday to Wednesday campers will ride awesome trails and improve mountain bike skills while enjoying the outdoors. Our kids summer mountain bike camps in Whistler are designed with a careful skill progression to maximize learning and minimize risk. Camps are divided by levels and groups within the same level will split by age if necessary.

  • Beginner groups (5-10 y/o). The goal is to learn the basic mountain bike skills for green trails. Groups ride in Lost lake trails. 
  • Novice groups (5-12 y/o). Novice riders have a little bit of experience riding off pavement but still need to work on the fundamentals to master green terrain and start riding easy blue trails. Novice groups also ride in Lost lake trails.
  • Intermediate groups (7-13 y/o). For intermediate bike camps, kids must be comfortable in blue trails. The goal is to consolidate skills to master all blue trails and eventually ride easy blacks. These groups ride in Lost lake and other areas in Whistler valley.
  • Advanced groups (10-14 y/o). Advanced camps are aimed at refining skills to improve flow and playfulness. These groups ride all trails around Whistler. Participants must be comfortable on black trails.

Please read the Level Description to sign up for the right summer mountain bike camps. Add-on days available on Thursdays and Fridays.


Summer mtb camps Whistler

A day at summer mtb camps

Days start with a warm-up ride followed by skill development; a few snack breaks here and there, more riding and some downtime/games towards the end of the day. Whistler Singletrack’s coaches are fully certified and provide a fun and safe environment where kids learn, improve and become educated trails users. 

Email for more information about our kids summer mountain bike camps in Whistler. Private camps are also available.

Testimonials of Happy Campers

Lee-Ann D.


Nuno was an excellent instructor. My grandson went from not enjoying biking to wanting to ride every night. He took time in every aspect of care needed for someone who had little confidence. I highly recommend this club. I’m so happy. THANK YOU.

Ellen H.


We signed up for a number of summer mountain bike camps and my son loved them all. Nuno is an excellent instructor. He was very accommodating for our group and prepares all the riders so they know all aspects of bike maintenance and bike handling. Can’t wait to sign up for more lessons next year! One of the best teachers out there!

Alexandra K.


My sons aged 9 and 12 had a fantastic experience with Nuno and his coaches at Singletrack Whistler. I found the communication to be excellent, the coaches to be awesome and really positive, and was overall very impressed. We will definitely be back! Thanks for a great summer mountain bike camp!

- Friends & Partners -

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