Intro to Mountain Biking

Learn the basic mountain bike skills to succeed in green trails

Intro to MTB is an initiation course to mountain biking that runs once a month from May to August. The goal of this 2.5 hour session is to create a solid base and provide participants with a safe and a fun start to mountain biking. Riders will learn about trail safety rules, correct body position and how to operate a mountain bike properly. All you need to know to start Mountain biking and tackle green terrain with confidence and control is in this course. If you need to rent a bike our friends at Whistler Sports can help, 

This mountain bike course is for beginner riders. Please read the Level Descriptions to ensure you sign up for the right program.

Intro to MTB Calendar

Send us an email at if you need more information about our programs our would like to see a clinic on different dates. Please note that all courses needs a minimum of two participants to run

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